Meet Anthony Cory- YMCA Member for life!Anthony Cory and family

As a child, Anthony Cory has fond memories of coming to the Henry County YMCA with his father, Mike. His dad was also his inspiration to return to the Y as an adult, where Anthony has shared more memories with his wife and son.

Anthony was 17 and a senior in high school when his father had a heart attack, unexpectedly passing away at 49. Anthony noted, “My dad’s passing is a constant reminder to me of my own mortality. But more importantly, it reminds me of how I want to always cherish the time I have with my loved ones. My dad continues to be my inspiration for continuing my membership at the YMCA.”

Anthony has several family members who are involved at the Y. Annetta Cory is Cory’s mother. Annetta is a retired registered nurse, US Army Veteran, and currently a water aerobics instructor at the Y. For Christmas a few years ago, Anthony and his wife gave a YMCA membership to Susan McGrady, his mother-in-law. Today, Susan is a regular attendee of Annetta’s water aerobics class, and she continues to be a faithful Y member.

Anthony enjoys staying active at the Y and he makes it a family outing. “Each time I come to work out and swim, I invite my wife and son. We often make it a family activity. We like to play basketball together,” he explained. “Hitting the Y is one of my favorite daily routines. It is something that’s good for me, but it’s also something I very much enjoy!”

Anthony describes the YMCA atmosphere as friendly and inviting and the culture is like a family. He shares that everyone knows your name at the YMCA: “When you walk into our Y, they always greet you with a smile. And if you forget your ID card, they say ‘No worries, I got you.’”

Anthony credits the YMCA with improving his health and lifestyle. He struggled with hypertension over the past few years. By being diligent in using his YMCA membership, Anthony has reduced his hypertension.

“I try to work out around 5 times per week. These workouts may be jogging on the treadmill, cycling on the stationary bike, or mild weightlifting. In the past month or so I started swimming laps,” he shared. Anthony’s blood pressure readings have lowered, and he attributes this to his activities at the YMCA.

“Being a member of the Henry County YMCA is one of the best benefits of living in this community,” Anthony expressed. “Personally, I love the memories of my dad and me at the Y. Those memories continue in the new memories that I make here with my family.”

Thank you, Anthony Cory, for being an outstanding member of the YMCA. Find out how you can join the Henry County YMCA!