Imagine yourself in 2024 making health and fitness a priority… The personal trainers at the Henry County YMCA are here to guide and motivate your fitness journey.


Lacy Personal trainerLacy Tutrow

Lacy Tutrow offers fitness opportunities to help strengthen your heart and lungs and build strong bones and muscles. Lacy is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. In addition to personal training, she teaches a class called Lift with Lacy in the weight room Monday through Thursday from 8 to 9 am. The class teaches women how to use progressive overload with free weights. She instructs participants in proper form and creates engaging and challenging workouts. Lacy has four teen boys and a passion for certifying teens in the weight room so they can work out safely. Lacy shares her experience, “I love the Christian values at the YMCA. I became a Christian when I was 35, and the YMCA is one of those places where I can freely be open about my faith in Christ. Also, I love their family values and the way they are in the community. I love everything they offer.” Find new motivation and schedule an appointment with Lacy at the front desk today!


Austin Personal trainerAustin Tomboni

Austin has been around fitness for his entire life and enjoys serving YMCA members. Austin offers personal training Monday through Friday from 12 to 3 pm. He is looking for new clients of all fitness levels. Austin has a passion for lifting weights and helping others find a passion for fitness. Austin shares, “My parents have been coming to the YMCA for years. And when I started coming a couple of years ago, everyone was so nice and welcoming, and they taught me almost everything I know.” Reach your goals with Austin by scheduling an appointment at the front desk today!

Were you aware that when a Member joins the Henry County YMCA, they receive 5 Wellness Orientation sessions?

During these sessions, Members meet with one of our Personal Trainers. The trainer will also provide equipment-use orientation.

After the 5 Wellness Orientation sessions, Members can purchase personal training sessions. You do not have to be a Member of the YMCA to sign up for Personal Training! Single and Group Rates are available.

The YMCA and the trainers look forward to being a part of your fitness journey… To learn more about personal training contact the Y today!