Generations Stay Active At the Y

During this season of gratitude, we’d like to continue to feature some of our dedicated members.

Throughout the Henry County YMCA’s history, we have had many families commit to a healthier, more active lifestyle. The Y has watched many of you grow, change, mature, and adapt over the years. Our organization understands that your time with your family is valuable and that is why we cherish the commitment you have made to be here.

The Hamm family perfectly embodies the dedication that makes the Henry County YMCA what it is today. For three generations, they’ve consistently been part of the Henry County YMCA’s mission and activities. The image of Duke Hamm’s father walking laps around the track in the wellness center is forever ingrained in his memory. And it doesn’t seem like long ago when Duke himself was bringing his two young sons to Child Watch while he tried to find the balance between early parenthood and healthy living. As his boys grew a little older, they spent many Saturdays in the gym playing basketball and participating in other youth sport activities.

Duke’s sons, Matt and Ben, both have fond memories of spending time at the Y as children and teenagers. They are now re-creating some of those memories themselves. Ben is now the one with two young sons in tow as he attempts to find some equilibrium between parenting and wellness. He watches his sons run around the facility, laughing, playing, and being carefree in the same place where his grandfather, his father, and his brother all work out. “There are not many places where four generations of the same family can spend time together,” reflected Ben.

The Hamm family passed down a commitment to caring for self, caring for family, and caring for the community, during time spent together at the Y. They hope this is a legacy that will continue to live on for many generations to come.