YMCA Membership

Always Welcome in Every Community

When you join our Y, you are getting more than a gym membership.

Benefits of Membership

Every day, something's happening at the Y. We bring kids, adults, and families closer together. We also encourage good health and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests.

Our members enjoy group exercise classes, walking/jogging tracks, and encouragement from our Wellness Staff. We have the support, guidance and resources to help you learn new things and make new friends at any stage in your life.

Included in your Membership

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Discount rates on programs
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Use of pool whirlpool, steam room & sauna
  • Free Group Exercise classes
  • Wellness Center including free fitness assessment and free equipment use orientation
  • Free Child Watch
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 3 Gymnasiums
  • Lower fees for youth programs, sports, and preschool
  • Two complimentary day passes
  • Room and facility rentals at great rates
  • AWAY privileges to use at other Y’s when you travel (more on that below)

The Greatest Benefit

With the Y, you're not just a member of a facility; you're part of a cause. With a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership will not just bring about meaningful change in yourself, but also in your community.

AWAY Program

When you join the Henry County YMCA, you will have access to over 2,700 YMCA* locations nationwide. Since each local YMCA policies and rules may vary, as on out-of-town guest, it is always a good idea to call that YMCA location about their policies for visiting member. At the Y, we are so much more than a gym. We are a family that cares for our members at home and away.

Traveling to another Y?

Your membership to the Henry County YMCA means that you are “Always Welcome at YMCA”. This means that when you travel to other cities, you can visit a participating YMCA as their guest, according to their policies. Please visit the member service desk before your trip and we can help find a YMCA family near you, or visit www.ymca.net for more information on a Y near your destination.

Visiting the Henry County YMCA

YMCA members visiting the Henry County YMCA may use their YMCA membership free of charge any open day and time at our facility. Membership and identification must be shown and verified at the member service front desk prior to use. Once verified, please check in at the member service desk each time you visit.

My Y is Every Y in Indiana

The Y is for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We want to make sure you continue to be involved with the Y wherever you may live, work or travel. With our focus on healthy living, we want you to stay active and keep moving! Now we've made sure there is a Y wherever you are. So out and about in the state of Indiana, remember to take your Y card with you!

Company CEO riding treadmill with staff

Corporate Membership

As a leader in your company, you know that a healthy, happy, and productive workforce is key to your companies success. Through Corporate Membership at the Henry County YMCA, employees can get fit, stay fit, and save money all while helping your company improve its fiscal fitness.

For employees to join the YMCA, the company chooses an open enrollment day time period. This can be a specific date range at any time of the year or can be specified as “open” enrollment, meaning employees may join the YMCA year around to take advantage of the corporate discount. If you prefer, a YMCA staff member will come to your workplace at a time that fits the company schedule to enroll employees and complete the application process. We help you establish a contact person and they will be equipped with information and materials to enroll employees. The Business Office and/or Director of Member Relations will also be available to assist in this process.

Reasons Your Company Should Participate

Here's the breakdown of the healthy lifestyle of a typical company:

  • 80% do little to no exercise
  • 60% sit most of the day
  • 35% are overweight
  • 35-45% experience job burnout due to high stress
  • 30% smoke
  • 30% are prone to lower back pain
  • 20-25% heave hypertension and/or high blood pressure

These statistics show risk for chronic disease, heart disease and cancer that can lead to an increase in medical claims, absenteeism, turn-over and an overall decrease in productivity. Participating in Henry County YMCA's Corporate Membership program can help reduce your employee's risks and lower your risks as an employer.

As a Corporate Member, all employees receive the same great benefits and services as all other Henry County YMCA members.

Two Plans to Choose From

Plan A

For companies choosing Plan A, employees will receive 5% off the adult/family membership rates. The joiner fee will be reduced by $25. Employees can choose to have their membership dues automatically bank drafted from their personal checking or savings accounts or charged to a credit card. Automatic payment is required. Companies must have a minimum of 10 employees sign-up to qualify for this discount.

Plan B

For companies choosing Plan B, employees receive 10% off the adult/family membership rates. The joiner fee will be waived, so there is no start-up cost to the employee! Payment of monthly membership dues must be payroll deducted by the company. Employers may also choose to subsidize a portion of the membership dues to demonstrate their investment in their employees’ improved health and well-being.

For more information contact our Membership Director, Kelsay Smith at (765) 529-3804 x1 or by email at ksmith@henrycountyymca.org

Military Outreach Initiative

The Armed Services YMCA and the Department of Defense Outreach Initiative offers YMCA memberships to eligible military families and personnel who may not have access to a nearby military facility. Eligible military families and personnel include:

  • Family member of deployed National Guard and Reservists
  • Active Duty families who live in one of the selected Joint Bases created by the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process (contact Military OneSource for a list of eligible Joint Bases)
  • Active Duty Independent Duty personnel and their families as approved by their Military Service Headquarters
  • Relocated spouses and family members of deployed Active Duty personnel
  • Note: Eligibility is for Title 10 personnel only.
  • The Department of Defense will underwrite memberships at participating YMCA's for an initial six-month period for each eligible family and service member. Membership renewals in subsequent six-month intervals (up to 12 or 18 months depending on eligibility) will be funded based on military family's or service member's ability to meet the participation requirement of 8 visits to a YMCA each month.

Getting Started

To receive membership benefits from the YMCA Military Outreach Initiative, eligible military families and personnel should follow these steps:

  • Contact Military OneSource at www.militaryonesource.com or call 800-342-9647 to confirm eligibility and receive an eligibility form.
  • Fill out and bring your eligibility form, Military ID and any other documentation (generally your Deployment Orders or Military Service Headquarters approval letter) to the Henry County YMCA for verification

For more information contact our Membership Director, Kelsay Smith at (765) 529-3804 x1 or by email at ksmith@henrycountyymca.org

Membership Rates & Dues

Youth Membership

Any child or young adults between the ages of 8 and 18 (or still in high school) are eligible for a Youth Membership. Children under the age of 8 may only be included in a Family Membership.

  • $17.00 monthly bank draft
  • $25.00 joiner fee

Adult Membership

Any individual age 19 years and out of high school is eligible for an Adult Membership.

  • $42 monthly bank draft
  • Joiner fee-$60 (payment option: $20 for first 3 months)

Family Membership

Parents and all dependent children are eligible for a Family Membership.

Dependent Children are those defined as under the age of 25, enrolled in school full-time, and claimed on Federal IRS tax returns.

  • $55.00 monthly bank draft
  • $90.00 joiner fee (payment option: $30 for first 3 months)

*For special household or living arrangements, please contact the YMCA.

Single Parent Family Membership

Custodial parent and all dependent children are eligible for a Single Parent Family Membership.

Dependent Children are those defined as under the age of 25, enrolled in school full-time, and claimed on Federal IRS tax returns.

  • $52.00 monthly bank draft
  • $90.00 joiner fee (payment option: $30 for first 3 months)

Membership Payment Policies

  • Membership to the Henry County YMCA is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Membership may be placed on temporary hold for documented medical reasons or extenuating circumstances only. Please contact the Membership Director or Business Office to place a membership on temporary hold.
  • Notification in writing thirty (30) days prior to next billing date is required to terminate a membership. Faxes and e-mails to the Membership Director, Business Office, or Executive Director are acceptable forms of termination as well as filling out the termination form at our front desk. You must receive a confirmation e-mail or letter to confirm the termination request was processed.
  • Thirty (30) days notice require to change a membership. This includes upgrades or downgrades of a membership type and billing changes.
  • Should any member debt not be honored by the member's credit card company or bank for any reason, the member is still responsible for that debt plus a service charge applied by the YMCA. This is in addition to any service fee the member's credit card company or bank may charge. The membership is subject to termination if the debt is not paid.

Program Refunds

If a class is postponed or cancelled, you may have a credit towards another program or a refund. If you wish to cancel before a class begins, a refund less $5.00 for administrative costs will be given. Once programs have started, no refunds will be given.

Guest Passes

Passes can be purchased at the front desk for use of the facility for one day. Day pass users are required to follow the same rules and exhibit the same behavior as YMCA members.

See Policies from the menu above.

Guest Pass Policy

  • Guests are welcome at the YMCA, space permitting.
  • Limit: one guest per active member.
  • Three visits per guest per calendar year.
  • Cost is: $5/youth, $10/adult or $25/family per day
  • Guests must complete appropriate form at the front desk and not be listed on any sexual offender registry.

Financial Help

The Henry County YMCA is committed to serving the entire community. Through our scholarship program, qualified individuals and their families are granted financial assistance to enable participation and membership. It is the intent of the YMCA that no families or youth are denied membership or participation due to lack of financial resources.

Funding for scholarships comes from grant sources and from fellow members and the people in the community who donate to the YMCA's Annual Campaign. Last year over $75,500 was awarded in scholarships.

Am I Eligible?

Applicants must work or reside in the service area of the Henry County YMCA. Assistance is granted on the basis of financial need within the available resources of the Y.

The YMCA believes a sense of ownership and pride is developed if the scholarship recipient has contributed to the cost of YMCA involvement. Therefore, applicants may be asked to pay a portion of the fees. The YMCA grants scholarships to the extent that funds are available. The YMCA reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant.

Scholarships can be granted for one session of a program such as swim lessons, or for up to six month's membership with optional renewals.

How do I Apply?

The Henry County YMCA requires that individuals provide information regarding income, family size, and necessary expenses so that it can award scholarships in a fair and consistent manner. All records are kept confidential. For more information contact our Membership Director, Kelsay Smith at (765) 529-3804 x4 or by email at ksmith@henrycountyymca.org



All YMCA members are required to present their key tag or
membership card to enter the facility, when utilizing Child Watch and when
registering for programs. Key tags and membership cards are barcode protected
and are only valid for one individual as specified by our database. They are
non-transferable to another individual. An access card is required to enter the
whirlpool/steam/sauna area. Please see the front desk if you no longer have a
YMCA photo access/membership card.

of Youth Members

Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their
children at all times. Children under the age of 12 years may not be left
unattended in the facility. Unsupervised workouts using cardiovascular
equipment or free weights is not permitted prior to age 16 years without proper
teen weight training certification.

The staff of the Henry County YMCA strive to keep the facility
safe for you and your family at all times. For this reason children 7 years of
age and are required to:

  • Be participating in a YMCA program
  • Be under responsible adult supervision
  • Be in Child Watch


The YMCA seeks to model and encourage Christian principles, ideals
and values in language, behavior, dress, and attitude. Staff reserves the right
to determine standards for acceptable behavior on the YMCA premises. Violation
of these standards can result in suspension or withdrawal of membership
privileges at the discretion of the Executive Director, the Membership
Committee, or the Board of Directors. In the event of a dismissal from a
program or the YMCA due to disciplinary action, membership dues will not be


Immodest clothing or inappropriate attire should not be worn in
the facility. Members are required to wear shoes and shirt while in the
building. The ONLY exception to this is while using the pool, whirlpool, steam
room or sauna.

Recording Devices

The YMCA has cameras placed throughout or facility for security
reasons. Video recorders, cameras, or any other visual recording devices are
not allowed within the YMCA locker rooms. Most mobile phones now have the
capability to take pictures and/or videos as well. Please be aware if someone
has a device of this nature pointed in your direction and report any incident
of this nature immediately to a YMCA staff member.

Anyone caught taking pictures or video of another person without
their permission and knowledge will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
by the YMCA and may lead to the termination of their membership. Please contact
us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sex Offender Policy

The Henry County YMCA is concerned with the safety and well-being of our members and participants.  It is the policy of the Henry County YMCA that access to YMCA facilities and YMCA programming shall be prohibited to anyone convicted of a criminal sex offense or anyone who is listed on the Sex and Violent Offender Registry.