Fellow instructors and friends reflect on Kim’s impact and share how they plan to honor her.

by Morgan Weaver November 10, 2020

Adventurous. Kind. Fun-loving. Dedicated. Family-driven. Active. Creative. Dependable. STRONG. These are just a handful of the many adjectives that can be used to describe Kim Gibson.

Kim was an avid YMCA member, always jumping in to help someone when she could. Many might remember her teaching classes or simply working out with her “sweat-sisters.” Following her passing in late October, fellow instructors and friends Stephanie Beavers and Kathy Butler reminisced about Kim’s impact.

“Kim is the perfect example of living life to the fullest! She loved to laugh and loved people,” Stephanie shared. “She was the one who encouraged me to become certified in Les Mills Body Pump. She helped me find and become an instructor for one of my favorite group exercise classes, Body Pump!”

Keeping a healthy lifestyle was something Kim was passionate about, close behind her passion to help others. Kathy noted, “Kim was always up for a challenge. Whether it was learning a new workout or doing a fitness fundraiser with the other instructors- she always jumped in and helped wherever she was needed.”

The YMCA community would like to help Kim’s family in the same way she was committed to helping others. The Henry County YMCA will be hosting its first annual STRONG Challenge in memory of Kim. The goal is to honor and remember Kim’s strength and spirit.

The STRONG Challenge will consist of weekly challenges- both physical and water intake challenges. The event will take place from November 16- December 11. Registration can be done at the Henry County YMCA and online via our mobile app.

“Just remember her, because she was an amazing person,” Stephanie added. “remember her in whatever way you knew her and carry her with you always.”

For more information about the STRONG challenge, visit https://www.henrycountyymca.org/whats-new/strong-challenge