When the local team at SERVPRO learned that the Y was looking for additional ways to thoroughly disinfect the facility, they were glad to help.

The team at SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties love to serve their community. So when they learned that the Henry County YMCA was looking for additional ways to thoroughly disinfect the facility, they were glad to help.

“We use an all-natural disinfectant process that ionizes the air and surfaces,” noted Ray Dickey, Servpro’s general manager. “This process leaves no residue and kills bacteria that cause disease.”

This process was welcome news to YMCA Member Services Director Kelsay Smith, who has children who are often in Child Watch and participate in other Y programs. Kelsay feels better knowing her kids are protected from harmful bacteria and viruses. She also sees benefits for the entire YMCA family.

“We are getting ready to launch our Livestrong program to serve people who have been affected by cancer,” Kelsay shared. “These participants often have compromised immune systems and have to be cautious about being in public places like the YMCA. This new disinfection process will help assure the risk of exposure is dramatically decreased.”

Servpro’s disinfection process is centered on a product that uses the thyme plant as a primary ingredient. The process was developed by a family who had to be mindful of the residue left by most disinfectant products because of health challenges their son faced. This thyme-based product actually “eats” bacteria and is often used by families who have ongoing health issues. Servpro uses the product on their fire restoration and mold remediation projects to keep their staff safe from the harmful chemicals present in standard disinfectants.

The YMCA is currently receiving weekly treatments in Child Watch, the fitness center, and locker rooms along with regular treatments in remaining areas. Servpro’s staff is committed to serving the Y and looks forward to an ongoing partnership.

“Our families love the Henry County YMCA, and we have a tool to help,” explained Ray. “We want people to come to the Y and continue to feel good about it.”

For more information about SERVPRO of Henry and Randolph Counties, visit http://www.servprohenryandrandolphcounties.com/.