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Christy Ragle
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Class schedules, practice times, and wellness updates are at your fingertips with our DAXKO mobile app. You can even scan in your membership card.

The Daxko app includes the following features:

  • Group exercise schedules
  • Calendar reminders
  • Program registrations
  • Facility hours and alerts/notifications
  • Digital facility check-ins
  • Apple wallet barcodes
  • And more! 

The Daxko mobile app is easy to use, completely free, and now available to download.

1. Look for it in your phone's app store... just search for "DAXKO" with this image:

Health and Fitness

2. Download the Daxko app.

3. Open the Daxko app.

4. In the search field, enter "Henry County YMCA" and click RETURN in your keyboard field (Do not click DONE).

5. Highlight "Henry County YMCA."

Congratulations! You are now using the most up-to-date app for our location and if you were using the old app called "Henry County YMCA" you may delete it from your phone.

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