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It’s Time to Update Your Info

It just takes a few minutes to stay updated!

Christy Ragle
Girl holding clock to symbolize time running out.

Your graduating senior is 10 years old in his YMCA membership photo, and the phone number we have on file is the landline you disconnected three years ago. Yes, it’s time to update your membership information.

We need to get fresh photos and updated information from ALL Y MEMBERS. This information will keep our records up to date and help us stay in touch with you about what’s happening at the Y.

So, how can you update your information?

1. Stop by the front desk on your way to workout. We’ll check your address, preferred email, and phone number. We’ll also snap a quick photo. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

2.Send an email to member memberupdate@henrycountyymca.org with your name, current address, primary email, and preferred phone number.You’ll also need to attach a closeup photo of good quality. We’ll check your information and let you know if you need to come in and take care of your update in person.

That’s it! Thanks in advance for your help.

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