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Registration for fall sports has been extended!

Great News! Volleyball and soccer registration has just been extended through August 27. Sign up today!

Christy Ragle
Kids enjoying youth soccer

Registration is now underway for fall sports at the YMCA! Sign up has just been extended through August 27 for volleyball and soccer. Every participant will receive a team shirt.

Volleyball includes both boys and girls from age 6 to 14. Volleyball is a fun sport that includes passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and serving. The Passers division for ages 6-7, along with the Setters division for ages 8-9 is designed to be a low-pressure introduction to volleyball. The Hitters division for ages 10-11 involves an inclusive team environment with a focus on teamwork and participation. Blockers, ages 12-14, are developing skills and learning more about positions and IHSAA regulations. The registration fee is $35 for members, $65 for program participants, and there may be a late fee of $10 after August 20.

Soccer is also a co-ed league starting with the beginners program. The beginning “Runners” program is for ages 2-3 where it will be hands on with parents, and participants do not play in games. This is a great opportunity for bonding time between kids and parents. The registration fee for the beginners program is $20 for Y members and $35 for non members. Ages 4-5 participate in the Kickers division, with the emphasis on teaching the basics of the game. Ages 6-8 are in the Passers division and learn more intermediate skills. The top age level (9-12) is the Champions, which is designed to build each participant’s skill level. For the ages of 4 -12 the registration fee is $35 for Y members and $65 for program participants. This group of kids will be able to play games against other teams.

Scholarships are available to help with registration costs. Scholarship applications are due soon. We are looking for coaches and sponsors that can sign up as well. For any questions, call Brock Taylor at 765-529-3804, ext. 5, or send and email to btaylor@henrycountyymca.org. We are looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

Pick up a registration form at the front desk for either of these sports.

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