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YMCA Uses Temporary Closing To Deep Cleaning & Update

Even though the YMCA has been closed, the staff has been busy preparing it for when members return.

Amber Estelle
YMCA staff busy making improvements for you!

Even though the YMCA has been closed, the staff has been busy preparing it for when members return. CEO Chris Williams expressed, “This is a chance that we haven’t had since we opened the new facility. We can tear rooms apart and update areas.”

With the building usually being open seven days a week, it is often hard to accomplish some of these deep cleaning tasks. “We have made a list of what we have been working on, and I couldn’t be prouder of the progress we have made so far,” Chris stated.

The wellness center and office have been cleaned from the pipes in the ceiling all the way down to the floor. Every piece of equipment has been moved and cleaned around. Everything has been swept, mopped, and scrubbed. Each barbell, bar, exercise ball, and more has been wiped down.

The staff has been working to reach every area possible. This includes wiping down every wall in the lobby and the halls, deep cleaning the aerobics closet and all the equipment in the closet and on the floor, power washing every inch of tile in the locker rooms and public bathrooms, pulling everything out of the child watch and preschool rooms and cleaning each item, removing everything from the back room training center and cleaning that room before putting everything back together.

Cleaning is not the only task that the staff has been involved in. They have been updating and replacing several things throughout the building. Some of the updates involve resealing the gym, aerobics room, and racquetball court floors, painting most of the gymnasium, whirlpool, and men’s and women’s showers, and updating the lane lines in the pool.

Some items within the building have been replaced with new. This includes the counter tops in the locker rooms and bathrooms, any tiles throughout the building that had been damaged over the years, a number of boards in the dry sauna, the majority of the mats at the entrance to the building, and all of the lobby furniture. The new lobby furniture is made of material that can be wiped down more easily.

In addition to the hard work on all these replacements, updates, and deep cleaning tasks, the staff has also been posting live feeds of aerobic classes and working on instructional videos for youth sports.  

Chris shared, “We continue to try and find ways to improve our YMCA. Please continue to follow the CDC recommendations and we hope to see you soon.”

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