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Stories of hope happen every day at your Henry County YMCA. These opportunities are made possible by donors who give generously to the Henry County YMCA.

Christy Ragle
Us is a promise- children and adult leader

She hears her friends talking about signing their kids up for summer day camp at the Y and wishes she could register her son, too. But she is struggling just to pay next month’s rent. She doesn’t know how she’ll provide care for him during summer break but paying for day camp seems impossible.

Then she hears that there is a way he can participate.People in the community have given to the YMCA so that her son can get a scholarship to attend day camp. And suddenly this mom has more than a summer daycare option. She has hope.

Stories like this happen every day at your Henry County YMCA. Our expanding opportunities for kids to get involved with dance, swim lessons, and youth sports, mean that every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive. These opportunities are made possible by donors who give generously to the Henry County YMCA.

How are your donations making a difference at the YMCA?

·       19 lives were changed through the Diabetes Prevention Program, in partnership with Henry Community Health.

·       1,432 participants in youth sports learned skills, confidence, and teamwork.

·       77 kids are getting a great start to their educational careers at the Henry County YMCA preschool.

·       1,232 members benefited from the Y’s scholarship program in 2017.

How can you get involved?

Give. You can give online or stop by the Henry County YMCA for a pledge card.

Volunteer. We’re looking for youth sports coaches who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. Contact Brock Taylor at btaylor@henrycountyymca.org.

Participate. When you come to a group exercise class, walk a mile on a treadmill in the wellness center, or participate in any other activity at the Y, you are showing you are an active member of the YMCA community.

Your Henry County YMCA is getting ready to celebrate 100 years of serving the New Castle/Henry County area. Your generosity makes it possible for us to look ahead to another 100 years of making a difference in the lives of local children and families.

Find out more how you can be part of what’s happening at the YMCA.

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