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Family Finds Value at Y Preschool

Tammy and Steve Tomboni chose the Henry County YMCA preschool for all three of their children.

Christy Ragle
 (Contributing author)

Tammy and Steve Tomboni have always loved the Y. Steve served as an executive director at a Y in another state, and both Tammy and Steve have been a Y members for most of their lives. So when their children reached preschool age, the YMCA preschool was their first choice. Even though the family lives in the Muncie area, they found the sacrifice of time to drive to the Henry County YMCA for preschool is worth it.

“The Y has a background in programming. They know how to do things right, and that was important to us,” Tammy shared. “We also like that they take the kids to swim and that even on days when the weather might be bad, they can still be active.”

Tammy uses the time her youngest son Deven is in preschool to workout. When Deven’s older brothers were in preschool, Deven would go to Child Watch so she could complete her morning workouts.

As they watched their older boys go on to kindergarten and preschool, the Tombonis developed a further appreciation of the good background preschoolers receive at the Y.

“They learn proper rules and develop in maturity. Instead of me telling them what to do as a mom, they had a teacher to reinforce what we were teaching at home,” Tammy said. “Our older boys have good memories of preschool at the Y, and even go in to help Miss April when they have days off of school. We love Miss Angie and are amazed by how she can remember the name of every who went through the Y’s preschool.”

The Tombonis’ passion for the Y goes beyond preschool. Their kids have participated in most all Y sports, which has led to friendships with kids from throughout the area. The family often heads to the Y together on a Saturday, and Tammy and Steve are fostering the love of exercise in their children through this involvement.

While the Tombonis taught their children to swim early on, they see the value of having the kids swim in a bigger pool, like the one in the Y’s aquatic center. They can see the confidence this has built in their children, who don’t hesitate to jump into a big lake, which often happens as the Tombonis organize events for America Multi-Sport.

“It’s a family at the Y. It’s a not-for-profit organization and the employees become like a family,” Tammy concluded. “They’re not just there to collect fees for preschool—although their fees are a lot lower than other preschools. They genuinely care about kids and the community.”

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