Sydney participates in theater camp
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Active Teen Enjoys Theater Camp

When Sydney first heard about theater camp from her kindergarten teacher, she didn't realize it would lead to a love of theater that continues today.

Amber Estelle
 (Contributing author)

Sydney Mathews is a very active student at New Castle Middle School. She has spent time participating in the English Academic Team,several local sports, and even a travelling Alpine Ski Team. One activity Sydney returns to every summer is the week of Theater Camp at the Henry County YMCA.

Six years ago, Bridget Duggleby and Brandy Washler saw a need to reach kids in the community through a summer theater camp program. Over the years, the help for camp has grown with the addition of Connie Criswell, guest directors, and parent volunteer Natasha Hamilton.

The idea to attend theater camp came from Sydney’s kindergarten teacher, Maribeth Taylor. She saw Sydney’s interest in acting and pointed her in the direction of the Y. This summer will be Sydney’s sixth time attending the camp.

Throughout the summers spent at camp, Sydney has played several roles and enjoyed every part.She described, “It takes a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. The people are friendly, and it is fun for everyone no matter what part you get.”

In addition to the acting and theater aspects of the camp, Sydney has found lasting friendships. “I like getting to do something I love with my friends. Most of my friends that live out of town do theater camp. This is like a reunion to us because we don’t see each other much,” expressed Sydney.

Sydney can see the impact that theater camp continues to make on her life. She shared, “I feel like theater camp has really made a difference in my acting skills. It has helped me to better become the character that I have been assigned. Because of skills that I have learned there, I have had so many opportunities.”

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