Youth Sports

YOuth Volleyball

Youth Volleyball helps kids become better players and better people

Fair play and positive competition in a fun, safe environment


Youth Volleyball is a progressive program, with multiple age-specific levels playing in an encouraging and fun atmosphere. Regardless of their skill level or experience, the Y's Youth Volleyball program has a division suitable for your child. Every child gets a chance to play and the all games are safe, exciting and fun.

Passers & Setters

Passers and Hitters is a fun-focused introduction to volleyball offering low pressure development and modified rules for younger players. Coaches allow children to play while maintaining structure during practices and games.


Hitters division focuses on teamwork and participation. All children are given the opportunity to play in an inclusive team environment while learning the volleyball gameplay rules and fundamentals. Practices are typically a little longer and more frequent in this division.


Blockers will learn more about positions as well as enhancing developmental skills such as serving, bumping and setting. Coaches highly encourage sportsmanship and teamwork while focusing understanding ISHAA level rules and flow of the game.

Volleyball Games

Youth Volleyball begins in the spring. Register above or sign up below to stay-up-to-date.

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