Preschool Swim

Teaching your child swimming skills and water safety while having fun

Our goal is to introduce your preschooler swimming and help them become comfortable and confident in the water.

About Preschool Swimming

Our Preschool Swim lessons provide the perfect environment where your child can learn the water, water safety and the importance of exercise. Lessons are designed to help kids feel safe around water and to experience different and fun ways it can be enjoyed. 

The class are taught by an American Red Cross certified Life Guard/YMCA instructor, and teachers are onsite to help your child get ready to swim.

A little girl swimming to her instructor on a kickboard.

Things They'll learn

A lot of what the learn is similar to our beginner swim lessons program. You can read more about that here » Youth Swim Lessons at the Y.

Here are a few things they will learn from our class:

  • The importance of water safety
  • Basic water skills such as floating and treading water
  • Basic swim and stroke techniques
  • Basic self-rescue skills (with assistance)

Swim Schedule

  • Scamper Swim lessons are Tuesdays
  • Kinder Swim lessons are on Mondays
  • ‍Morning class pick up is at 11:25 AM
  • Afternoon class pick up is at 3:10 PM
His excitement every day to see his teachers and learn the next 'cool' thing he's doing is great. He's so talks a lot about everything he does and learns in his class. It's refreshing!
--Snapper Cridge

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