Areas of Focus

For our youth, for our health and to support our community

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Elevating Our Core Purpose

Our core values caring, honesty, respect and responsibility unite our community with a common cause. These are shared beliefs and principles that guide our behavior and allow us to share and connect with each other. We believe these principles will help us make better decisions for our youth, health and community.

For Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen.

With holistic support, children and teens can develop the skills they need to be successful in life. The Y believes that youth development is the social-emotional, cognitive and physical process that all youth uniquely experience from birth to career. A successful development process fulfills children’s and teens’ innate need to be loved, spiritually grounded, competent and healthy. The Y nurtures youth through the development process, helping them realize their potential to be active, thriving and contributing members of society.

For Healthy Living: Improving the nation’s health and well-being

At the Y, we believe that being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It is about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. The Y is a leading voice on health and well-being issues—and a leader in fighting chronic disease—and is committed to empowering people to lead fuller lives. We bring families closer together, promote healthy living and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. As a result, millions of youth, adults and families receive the support, guidance and resources they need to become and stay healthy.

For Social Responsibility: Giving back and providing support to our neighbors

The Y has been listening and responding to our communities’ most critical social needs for more than 160 years. Whether developing skills or emotional well-being through education and training, welcoming and connecting diverse demographic populations through global services, or preventing chronic disease and building healthier communities through collaborations with policymakers, the Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve. Through the Y, 600,000 volunteers and thousands of donors, leaders and partners across the country are empowering millions of people in the U.S. and around the world to be healthy, confident, connected and secure.