Youth Swim Lessons

The Henry County YMCA Aquatics Swim Lesson program is student centered and includes five main learning components: stroke development, water sports, personal safety, rescue, and personal growth. Class levels are based on age and ability of the participant.
Swim lessons develop competence in swimming, along with confidence and endurance. A child is advanced to the next level only when he or she can proficiently and safely perform the skills within his or her level.
All children learn and progress at his or her own rate. If your child does not complete all the skills within his or her level during any one session, they will continue in the same level until they are able to master the skills. Graduation from a swimming level requires permission from an instructor. 

Important Swim Lesson Information

  • We ask that parents promptly drop off and pick up their child on deck and watch lessons from the seating area in the lobby.
  • In the event the YMCA must cancel swim lessons, time has been reserved to make up the missed lesson or a credit will be given. 
  • Non-toilet trained swimmers must wear swim diapers and we ask that you please take your child to the restroom prior to class.
  • Classes with low participation will be cancelled prior to the start of the session. We reserve the right to add, cancel, or change class schedules in order to meet the needs of our participants. If a class is already full when you register, we strongly encourage you to put your name on the waiting list.